Harry, my 11 year old German Shepherd, was doing well for 3-4 days after his first chemo last Tuesday.  He was on Prednisone and Dr Dressler's special diet.  Then he suddenly grew lethargic, and wasn't eating too well on Sunday.  On Monday he threw up his food and two pieces of Pedigree jumbone last Saturday (too big and hard for my liking).  His blood work shows elevated WBC, pointing to some infection.  The vet decided to suspend the second round of chemo, but continued with Prednisone.

He was on IV-fluids Wednesday and started his antibiotics.  He felt a bit better, but barely ate (refused to eat his regular dog food, but nibbled on a bit of chicken).  I took him for another round of fluids today and he vomited earlier this evening.  

Now in addition to antibiotics and prednisone, he's taking medication for vomiting and stomach lining.  What is bothering me a lot is that the vet is unable to pin-point the source of the infection.

Maybe this isn't the appropriate group to post this note, but I'm at my wit's end. 

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I am sorry to hear Harry is not doing well. It is very frustrating when "problems" like infection creep in, even more so when they cannot find the source of infection and medications get added on top of those your are already giving! I'm not familiar with Dr. Dressler's diet. I haven't read his book I'm afraid. Do you feed Harry any raw food...could he have gotten salmonella or something? Just a thought...the cancer battle is a tough one indeed! Check out my group Fight K9 Cancer here on I remember love. There are a lot of good people who are traveling the same road and some of us who have traveled it in the past. It's a good group to vent to...I promise we all understand what you are going through! Prayers to Harry, that he soon feels a bit better and prayers to you for the strength to deal with it all!

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for your note and prayers. I apologize if I came across as venting - while I definitely feel frustrated (and hapless), I'm hoping someone may have a helpful suggestion or two. I know something is wrong if I'm leading the vet through questions. I will leave no stone unturned, but at the moment I feel I need direction. I will definitely delve through the Fight K9 Cancer group.

To respond to your question - no, he hasn't had raw food as a part of his diet - I'm guessing you were referring to raw meat (although the special diet included raw veggies garlic, mushrooms etc.).
Harry has been vomiting all morning. Interestingly, he threw up another piece of that good ole Pedigree Jumbone. He still has a bad appetite and is unable to keep the medication down...
I just checked Pedigree's website, and it says the Jumbone is "highly digestible", but I wonder if it's irritating his stomach on top of the medication and chemo. It could be just his immune system is down and you have a general infection going on. I know Dr. Dressler in his e-book said certain things helped (was it ginger root?) with the nausea and appetite when dogs go through chemo, but I would work with your vet, especially with everything he's on. If your vet is not an holistic one and you want to explore that avenue, I've seen lists of vets who practice holistic veterinary medicine in different states. Hope this helps.
I lost one of my dogs, Louie on saturday to Lymphoma cancer. It was in stage 4 and he was 17 years old. I miss him terribly. They tried the predisone but after they did a biopsy he just took a turn for the worst. It was so horrible watching him grow weak. I hope the best for your dog. Marilyn


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