I find myself back again a year later. My baby Peanut died a year ago today! Last night Molly became ill, and the vet today said she was very sick and they have no idea why. Supposedly, her immune system is eating her red blood cells. The doctor put her on Prednisone, it seems the doggie drug of choice, doxy, and one other pill. I am so hoping she beats this. After hoping like crazy that Peanut made it, I find myself hoping again. Hoping and praying. This part of owning an animal really s@#$s!!! Please hope that my Mol has a long life ahead of her. She is only 9 years old. Thank you!!!! Below are pictures of her!! Enjoy!

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I had a Mollie too.  I've just said some prayers for your baby.  She is beautiful.  You're right...this part is very hard.  Wish they had longer lives.  They are so precious to us.
Molly is in my prayers.  She is so adorable.  If you need anything, we are here.  Pablo, my little frenchie on wheels now- sends Molly hugs and a human hug from me to you.  Healing thoughts are with you.
Sandi, I am so sorry to hear about Molly. All of us will pray for her. Keep your chin up--I know you did everything you could for Peanut and I know you will do the same for Molly. Beagles are such precocious pups! My daughter has "Lewie" and he is so funny--he keeps us in stitches most of the time. Give Molly loves from all of us and please keep us posted.
Keeping you and your Molly in my prayers.  This is the part that is so hard, you're right, but they are always worth all we do for them.  I am praying for a full recovery for your little girl.  ~hugs from me and Sadie~
What a beautiful girl! Molly (and you) will be in my prayers. Praying for a speedy recovery for little Molly!
Hi Sandi; Your right about this part of owning a pet! It hurts so unbearably bad! I will difinitely keep Molly in my prayers as she is so special and beautiful! My little Nellie is 9 years old and yes that it way too young. Have you tried putting her on the cancer Doctor's Diet  (Dr. Damien, the one who wrote the book for dog cancer), along with Apocaps? My Nellie had some tumors removed last Fall and I switched her to a dog food called "Halo" it is expensive but is full of nutrients to help build up their immune system. That, along with the Apocaps seemed to do the trick as no more tumors have developed. It is worth a try!  I read alot and try all the natural healing methods along with the traditional. I know that sometimes it is too late as I lost my little Tillie two years ago to cancer but I gave it my best try to save her and I will continue to do the best with the other 3 furr friends that I have. Keep us posted and blessings to you and Molly!
Hi Sandi - Molly and you are in my thoughts and prayers.  This part of the privilege of owning an animal is really sh1t!  I know what you're going through.  10 days and 5 years ago today, my Mom passed away from cancer.  Now it's come back to attack my precious big boy.  So, although this isn't supposed to make things any better, know that you're in our thoughts and we're praying for a recovery for Molly.  Love her and keep her strong with positive thoughts.  Take care ... of Molly and yourself.  Keep us posted.


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