Hi Everyone,

I feel like a complete hypocrite in that I haven't been here for a while.  But, truth be told, it was too tough coming back here after we lost Gilbert. I just couldn't cope with things.  I know the forum was/is here to support and everyone has always been so wonderful but it still just felt so raw, so unfair and I needed to find a release.  I chose to back away ... because I was grieving so intensely and just could keep sharing.   Well, I'd love to say that I'm coming back here just to check in on how everyone is that I used to correspond with but unfortunately I'm coming back seeking prayers and solice from the group and those that I connected with previously. 


It's been almost two years since we lost Gilbert to cancer.  He passed away on July 8, 2011.  Well, Gilbert's sister, our precious little Abby, has now been diagnosed with an Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma.  She was operated on last week to have a mass removed and we got the news this afternoon that the mass is cancerous and a very aggressive, and rare tumor.  We have her under treatment at Upstate Veterinary Specialist (same place we had Gilbert under treatment) and the prognosis is unfortunately not looking good.  We have a follow up appointment with them on Thursday were options will be explored further but at this point, radiation and chemo are potential options (after the fact that the mass has been removed as aggressively as possible) but we're just not sure if we can do this to our little girl now.  We need to explore things further but as it stands right now, chemo or radiation will only be palliative and while we desperately want her to be comfortable and for her to know that we're doing everything we can, we're just not sure if we can subject her to this.


We'll have more info on Thursday. 


This completely sucks!  How can it be that we have two dogs who both get cancer?  How can it be that both forms of cancer are aggressive with bleak prognosis?  Is it something that we've done / haven't done?  Scary thing is that our dogs have been our babies for so long.  Last year we were blessed with our first daughter.  She's now 10-months old and is absolutely gorgeous!  A real little blessing!  We treat our dogs as our family and I guess I'm scared to death that this horrible f***ing thing called cancer has come back to haunt us and the thought of it attacking our baby girl is so scary too!


Please keep Abby in your thoughts and prayers!  On a positive note, the staging test that have been done do not show a spread of cancer at this point.  Also, she's doing pretty well after her surgery and today she has been quite spirited.  I pray that her change in behavior today is positive and not that she is sensing things.  Please just keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  As much as we all miss Gilbert, we're not ready for her to be reunited with her brother.


Thanks everyone!  Appreciate your understanding and support!


Kind sincere regards,

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Welcome back, Andrew.  Know that Abby, you, and your family are in our prayers.

Bob, Alice Scooby and Fenway

Oh Andrew, I am so sorry to hear this news. Please don't feel bad about backing away. We all have felt the same and will never completely get over losing those precious babies of ours. I think about Mr. Bailey every day and wish he were here. I can't tell you why our dogs are dying at an incredible rate of this crappy disease. They just are. Unfortunately it it is probably a combination of things, environmental and food related. Society has probably bred it into them.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Please let us know what the vet says on Thursday---we are all here for you.

Andrew,  I was just thinking about you all the other day.  I sit here with tears in my eyes after reading your post!.  First of all, congratulations on your daughter!  I'm sure she is a blessing to you and your wife.

Second, there's no need to apologize for staying away.  People deal with the loss of an adored pet differently.  Some want to talk about their pet and grieve openly, while others wish to grieve more privately.  We here understand that.  Personally, I find that if I can make this road just a little easier to walk down for someone else, then Mouta's spirit remains alive and well and her life had a purpose!

Finally, of course Abby and you all will be in my prayers!  It really, really sucks that you have to do this with her, after losing Gilbert to this awful disease.  It is a thought that is in the back of all our minds each time one of our pups becomes ill..we hope and pray that it's not cancer.  You CANNOT blame yourself nor question the care you provided for Abby and Gilbert.  No one knows what causes cancer or why some breeds are more prone to it or why one dog gets it ant not others.  I recently lost my mom to cancer, so I understand the human connection too, and the fear that lies there.  

They are good people at Upstate Veterinary!  I have nothing but wonderful memories of how they treated Mouta there.  I think they loved her as much as we did!  It's good that there is no evidence of spread at this point!  I pray God will guide you on doing what is best for Abby.  Please keep us informed!

Hi Andrew,

First off, congratulations on your 10 month old daughter--I'm sure she has you doting on her!

As everyone else has said, do not feel bad for backing away.  Everyone deals with grief in their own way--in their own time! 

I'm so very sorry to hear about Abby's diagnosis!  You are right, it does not seem fair that you should have to deal with yet another one of your much loved fur-kids getting sick with cancer!  We too got hit with a double-dose of cancer; we lost our Phoebe to Plasmacell cancer in Dec 2010, and we lost our Daisy to a brain tumor this past Dec 2012!  It just plain sucks and is heartbreaking I know! I still think about both of them all the time and cry thinking about how much time we were robbed of with both of them--Phoebe was 9 when she died and Daisy had just turned 12!  Although I will never think the time we get with them is EVER enough!

I too don't know why it seems dogs are getting getting cancer at a more alarming rate--maybe it's just the fact that people are actually taking the time and money to diagnose illness and treating diseases that in the past might not have been treatable that we are more aware of it!  I can remember when I was younger, that the only time we lost our dogs was when they got too old--disease was never diagnosed and certainly something like cancer was not even treated!  Was not Pet Insurance to help with the costs!  We have come along way in our society with treating our animals as we would our family, but sadly I think the amount of carcinogens in our soil and air is so much greater too that our dogs have little or no defense against them! :-(

I'm sure Abby knows that you love her to pieces and that you would--and will--do whatever it takes to keep her comfortable, treat her cancer, and hopefully get some more time with her! 

Please know that you, Abby, your wife and daughter are in my thoughts and prayers! 

Please keep us posted on Abby!  I truly hope that there is some treatment that will give her some more quality time with you all!

Try and stay strong,


Thank you so much to all of you.  It's been tough coming to terms with things again.  We had a follow up appointment today with Abby.  She's doing really well ... healing from the operations well and her personality is back.  I think she knows that something is still wrong though and is almost still telling us that something isn't right.


We have an oncology appointment next Friday.  The question will be as to whether we proceed with treatment or just pray that the surgeon got it all.  Chances of the latter or slim.  Treatment is intesnse.  I lay with her on the bed last night and was just looking at her.  I had this image in my mind of the time we had to let Gilbert go.  I just can't imagine this happening again.  I had tears running down my face.  She instinctively licked at my face.


Wow ... this is such a horrible disease!  Cancer has taken too many good souls.  It's a remarkable disease but in such an evil way. 


I'm praying every day that she can make a strong recovery and that healing hands are placed apon her and act as a source of radiation to remove these evil cells.


Thank you to everyone!  It means so much to have you here and to know that there are others who empathize in a real way.  I will keep everyone posted on this forum.


Have a fun weekend!  I'll be cuddling all my girls this weekend!


Bye for now!


Thank you for the update. Please let us know how things are going with Abby and what the vet says. Prayer is still coming your way for those healing hands you speak of. My prayer list gets longer and longer every day for the people and animals who are suffering from this disease.I am happy they seem to be making progress, but it is never fast enough.

I hope your weekend refreshes you for the battles you face ahead with Abby. Smooch all your girls for us too!



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