When I was young, I saw strays and I felt their hopelessness... I even coaxed a few home and then swore up and down that they just followed me.... I tried to lift the fallen baby birds back into their nests... I saw the various animals who were run over by cars and I felt their needless suffering and I mourned them... but I was too young and not allowed (or really able) to do anything about it.

As I grew older, I was like so many people out there... wrapped up in my own trials and tribulations... just trying to keep the bills paid and my own head above water. The plight of the homeless animals was all but invisible to my eye... I saw but didn't see. It was like I had blinders on. Maybe it was a way of proctecting myself from taking on more then an immature novice could handle. Maybe the Universe, in all it's eternal wisdom, kept me from trying to offer help that I couldn't provide. May be that I was just selfish and blind.

But in my mid-30's somehow my blinders disappeared. Everywhere I looked I saw them. Strays. Homeless cats and dogs. The lost ones. The dumped ones. Abandoned and afraid. After feeling helpless and confused for so long, suddenly I felt like "If not me, then who? If not now, then when?" . And that's when it started for me.

I started out volunteering at a local shelter and then began doing actual rescues. Now in addtion to those, I do transports, am fostering a great pup and waiting for another and am an Ambassador for a wonderful Animal Society in Utah.

I never thought I'd be as entrenched in the rescue world as I am now, but I also can't imagine my life spent any better way.

So what's your story?

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You're story is an excellent one Tracy & I'm glad that there is another animal lover trying to do her best to help all the unwanteds out there. I tried several times to volunteer at my local Humane Society but as soon as they mention euthanasia, I break down crying. I've told myself that I can get past that but I can't. I want to adopt ALL of the unwanteds but know that I can't. I donate as much money as I can to my local shelters as well as a few not-so-local shelters and I've turned my master bedroom into a free flight room and take in unwanted Cockatiels. I've also taken in an unwanted doggie who I can't imagine life without. I guess we all have our nitches huh?
I have never volunteered before, just taken in the stray cats I find abandoned. As well as two dogs & a baby crow who I eventually was able to release. I am about to start volunteering for a cat shelter in my area. The lady who was running it passed away last week and I know it will be difficult to see these cats & not want them all to have a safe home.
You have a beautiful story, spreading it will do a lot of good. You get people to think about what they can do for other sentient beings. There is so much to be done, but also so much being done and it is very important to spread awareness, love and hope. It is easy for people to feel upset and inadequate when there is too much negativity. (Your story is very positive and I like it very much)
My story is that I have rescued 9 dogs and 2 cats and given them a loving home in our family.
That´s not much in a lifetime, but it is something. Perhaps the most important thing is doing something. If everyone could and would do something even if they can´t care for a pet or do rescue work at least we are all working together to improve the abandonment and cruelty situation around the World.


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