I would love to make contact with anyone who has experience with these beautiful gentle dogs. They have a tough life then, just cast aside, cant get over this..:(.......wish I could have loads.....but just now, I just have my beautiful Bess.:) Cathrynn x

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I just was looking around and joined this group. It does not appear to be very active since most of the posts are from 2008. However, I'm still willing to give it a go! I see that there wasn't any replies to your post about retired greyhounds. One of my best friends had one, Rainman, he was huge! He was a very nice dog, but not especially constituted to life around many children. Sadly, he had to be returned to the Greyhound rescue because he has sleep-aggression. It was really terrible in that if Rain was sleeping, and one of the kids stepped on him or tried to sit next to him, he would wake up snapping. Other than that he was the perfect dog.
Hi Cathrynn: This is a bit late probably but just came upon your post. I have a rescue dog (not a greyhound) but got her from a couple who take in rescues and appear to love Greyhounds and Whippets. You may want to look at there website and contact Kim. She may have alot of knowledge to offer you on this breed. You can go to www.JustUsRescue.com where you can e-mail her with any questions. She has a real heart for dogs and cats...Hope you get this post..Caryn


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