I have played a part in rescues like this one, and it has NEVER been so poignantly portrayed. A huge thanks to Dede for this story. It is the story of a Christmas Miracle. One person and then another does just one thing in their busy day. Just one thing. I will never get over how FORGIVING dogs are. They forgive us EVERYTHING! A simple tail wag. A simple sign of joy at the human touch. You will be as moved as I am by this one, I guarantee. Everything we do, every cross post, every tear we cry, it ALL matters. Every day. Thank you Dede ...for this one. It pulls my heart out of my chest and shows it to me.


Just one thing is all it takes. It was a simple cross post by Dede about a 14 y.o. deaf almost blind paralyzed neuro in a shelter in NJ that SAVED his life. People up and down the eastern seaboard JUMPED at the chance to transport a leg. This is also my guy's story. CROSS THAT POST. Just one thing saves lives every day.

Merry Christmas, Stanley. May your Life be Bright:

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I know-I cryed and then jumped with joy and love! We all can made the Miracles happen for these innocent creatures of God--Let's just do it again and again!! Love and Life-Diana --www.saveadeathrowdog.org
Thanks so much for sharing this. My heart goes out to these dogs. We have a local privately owned animal shelter in our area where I finally had to take my folks dog as they could no longer care for him. I have two dogs so my hubby wouldn't let me take him. I think I will donate some money today to that shelter and another one where I got my rescue dog from. It is a blessing to know there are people out there with a heart for these pups who don't have a voice our say in what happens to their little lives. THANKS much for your work and inspiration! and yes..Merry Christmas Stanley..and Nellie my little rescue is enjoying her first Christmas in her new home!
thank you and just remember Pay It forward-Miracles happen this way for sure-Love and Life-Diana
It was my GabrielDeafBlindPup's rescue 2 days from his date with a shotgun that got me 'rabid' about transport. He was in Wyoming I'm in South Carolina. There was NO WAY a ground transport could be pulled off and it fell apart 2 days before his put down date. BlindDogs chipped in $$, Peggy Jo drove him from Wyoming to Colorado, Sandy Dudley of Cairn Terrier Rescue fostered him for a week, Charmaine Fedick donated her Frequent Flyer miles, and Sandy and Gabriel FLEW from Colorado to Savannah, where I met them at the airport, sobbing. That save was one for the record books and even has been published. Gabriel arrived here in time to save my life. My son died less than 3 months later. Gabriel could not see my face, could not hear my screams. He lay on my chest licking my tears.

This is the most unconditional love ever! Thank you for sharing the heartach and the compassion. God bless You-Diana www.saveadeathrowdog.org
And here's my late great AngelTillman. Just needed a family to die with, hit by car left in a ditch in NJ, taken to shelter for euthing. They pleaded with someone to please give him a family to die with. He lasted just weeks short of a year, and went from paralyzed, totally wild and fearful to this magnificent boy you see on the video. AngelTillman went to the Bridge in March, but he knew love and family before he left.



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