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how many of you have rescue pups...have they been more loving/more needy?

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Comment by Mirja on August 31, 2008 at 12:44pm
I volunteer at a local city shelter here in Los Angeles. A week ago I adopted a 14 1/2 yr. old poodle who was about to be euthanized by the shelter. She is blind, deaf, has rotten teeth and a bad heart. I did not want her to die in the shelter. Now I feel like a mom with a new baby. She requires almost constant care and is wearing me out. She pees and poops whenever and where ever. Leaving her alone causes frantic howling and crying on her part. My heart breaks for her. I am now faced with the reality that I have to make the decision on when to end her life. There is little quality left in her life but I have tried to hold her, love her, give her treats, take her on short walks etc. She does not connect with me at all but I think that that is because she has given up on humans as loving care givers. I am taking it one day at a time but boy is it ever tough. My other dog (in the photo) was also a rescue but I had her for almost 16 yrs. She was the love of my life.
Comment by Roberta Oliviero on August 28, 2008 at 1:14am
I have been an active member of Greyhound Pets, Inc. of Seattle,Wa since 1997. I do home checks, adoptions and Booths at the nearby Petco Store. I personally have had 13 Senior greyhounds with special needs. Due to a back injury I have had to limit my new rescues to smaller breeds, the largest being the Saluki, Silky Terrier,and a mixed breed terrier. My daughter has the last of my Greyhounds and lives next door so I can see him every day. I still do my booth every month with visiting greyhounds and love every minute spent telling folks how wonderful they are.
I currently have 7 dogs in my family and I call the home "The Dog
House". Two of the rescue Salukis come from Canada and have
lived here for nearly 4 years. They were totally traumatized and keep to themselves to this day. They do have their beds in the living room and will stay on them when the rest of us are in the room. But if we drop something or make a noise they are gone out the dog door to the covered pen with a dog house in it. They
will not eat in front of us and wait until I have gone to bed and take
the others with me. I don't leave them very often but when I do I have a housesitter come and care for them so they are not disturbed. I love every minute I spend with them.
Finding the Retired Racing Greyhounds homes is a wonderful goal and so rewarding when you see the dogs and their families at events or get the happy phone calls updating me on how things are going. I spend a lot of time with the people before they adopt so that they are matched with the perfect dog. It has worked very well so far. I also keep in touch with them. I am retired and partially disabled so this gives me a very rewarding way to spend my time. I am not sure who is helping who the most, I just know I would not trade them for anything.
Comment by Jackie Siniard on July 31, 2008 at 6:01am
Sami, my chihuahua was a rescued baby from the dog pound, she came from a "puppy mill" along with several others, she was so thin that it made your heart hurt, we looked at her and she fell in love with my husband, it was like love at first sight. We adopted her and took her to our beloved vet and she weighed only 4 lbs for 3 years old, that is dreadful. She was very difficulty to potty train, but with the love and care, she eventually became clean, but oh how she loves my husband, she follows him everywhere and is not at all content if he is not around, mummy is just another person when he is around.
Comment by Vickie on July 27, 2008 at 2:01pm
My Sara Bella is a rescue dog and I have had her for a year and a half. Sara is half boxer and half pit. She is very nervous and is very, very, VERY attached to me, and she loves me unconditionally. I couldn't have asked for a more loyal friend.
Comment by Linda Martin on July 26, 2008 at 8:17am
I now have 6 dogs, 3 are rescues and the other 3 were pedigrees that had problems and no one else wanted. Some of the dogs were abused, some hurt and none of the latter three given the proper love. The youngest is Sweet Pea, a 1 year old terrier mix that we got at 6 months. She was hit by a car at 5 months and lost her front leg. A wonderful rescue group paid for the surgery after her accident, as the original owners wanted her put down.
Knowing our history with small dogs, they called us and the rest is history. She has no idea that she is "handicapped" and no baby gate can hold her. She can leap into the middle of the dining room table as if she were on springs but will sleep in my arms on her back like a baby. All of our dogs, but expecially the rescues, give us so much love we can never repay them.

Sammy, the pomeranian, is going blind quickly. We medicate him but the blindness is still progressing. Honey, our third rescue who was badly abused and trusts no one helps him out by pretty much keeping him off the stairs. If he's at the top of the stairs waiting for us to come home you can be pretty sure Honey will be right next to him.

As for Honey, she has a scar on her head that goes from ear to ear--we believe that it came from the business end of a boot. She came to us with her mate Shadow who was in the second stages of starvation whe we got them. When we brought them home, Honey positioned herself on top of Shadow to protect him and only when she was sure we were safe, she got off so we could feed him. He had all but 4 of his teeth extracted and my husband hand fed him and we had 4 wonderful years with him before he passed on. When Honey trusted us enough, she was pretty much on her own and left Shadow to my husband's care.
She and Sammy became close buddies after he came into our lives. The night we lost Shadow, we left him sleeping in the middle of our bed and went out for an hour. When we came home, he was gone but Honey was sitting straight at his side. She didn't leave him until I picked his little body up and said goodbye. She protected him til the end.

The little chi's are not recscues but are special needs and we love them, that's all any of us really needs. We try to take the dogs that no one else wants, they desearve love too and they earn it every day of their small lives.

I always tell the pups that I have no control over what happened to them before we got them but no one will ever hurt them again and I truly believe that they know that.

Thanks for listening (or reading--whatever)
Comment by Carol Foster on July 26, 2008 at 6:00am
I have 4 dogs Katie,Barnie,Buddy,Mandy,3 are rescue dogs.Mandy was my christmas gift when she was 5 mo old she is now 10years old. Bud is 7 Katie is 5 and Barnie is 1 .People just set them out and i took them in when they were puppyies. And then had them all fixed and yes they do seem to need more love .I think because they had to try and find food to eat and people would run them off when they come around.I know i can't save the world but i can try one dog and one cat at a time I also have cats .I now have 3 cats people set out. I did have 5 but lost 2 a few weeks ago to old age they were both 18 years old .I love every one and it is hard when i lose one.
Comment by NeSS on July 25, 2008 at 9:45am
Hi - here in Meriwether county, in the rural south, south of Atlanta, we only just now got an Animal Shelter - and that, with the hard work of volunteers. We held bake sales and spaghetti dinners, bbq's and garage and yard sales. Then, when we were almost there, we solicited the county for just a small amount - and would you believe, sure, and they didn't want to do it??? But they finally did, grudgingly give up to, I think, it was about $2,000 - out of $100,000 or thereabouts.

All of my dogs have been and are shelter/rescue dogs. My first two - who have transitioned to spirit were grand. The first, a female chow/husky/wolfe, pure white (I'll post pics of them later, as I just found this wonderful community) and she was so incredibly smart, we could hold our own conversation! She'd travel with me all across country (along with the next guy, Lazarus Blues), and motel owners, when I'd call to reserve a place, would ask if I was bringing 'the gang' along, because they were so well behaved. Of course, during the night, they both wound up on the bed and relaxing with Mom. One day, when Chyna Grove was running the perimeter of my daughter's property, a big truck, with racks in the back and a rifle on one, swerved off the road, talking on his cellphone, and hit Chyna as she was getting ready to cross the road. Broke her almost in two and never even stopped. I was devestated. She was healthy and she was 12, but you'd never know it. But I said so long to her and buried her at my daughter's amongst the flowers (she was quite the dainty one - never liked getting her feet wet.)

Lazarus Blues...this was my road buddy. I found him in the back yard of a friend of a friend who was a tow truck driver. He was 2 weeks old, shivering in the corner, filled with fleas and worms. He fit into my hands (which are not big) as I took him home...nursed him with doggie mother's milk, & got him back to health...at about 6 weeks old, the pure-bred rottie next door apparently didn't like him being close to his owner, and snatched Laz up and squeezed his head so hard it popped his right eye out. Off to the vet, where he told me to put him down, he wouldn't be worth anything, even as he was putting the eye back into the socket and sewing it part-way up. I won't tell you what I told him. A year later I took him back & said, see what Love can do? Laz could catch a ball thrown into my daughter's pool in the dead of night and bring it back to his Mama. For 10 years we were best buddies. Then along about December (a year and a half ago now), he started to slow down. I swore it was an allergy to wheat, but the doc argued with me, saying he was big (151 lbs) & it must be arthritis. It was neither. It was Nutro-Ultra slowly poisoning this beautiful animal (the Menu foods recall). I won't go into any more detail, but this best buddy died in my arms after New Year's day throwing up nothing & wretching. Even writing about it now makes me angry, because that Chinese company they blamed it on? Is owned by an AMERICAN corporation out of Las Vegas!!! I was told by the people at Nutro to get another animal, they were only dogs...

But, after Chyna transitioned I got Shannon Clare (Shannon for the mystical river in County Clare & Clare for the County where all the music is). She's a white husky/lab (with georgia red clay tinge), 5 years old soon. With the sweetest nature, she has. We found her, and she licked my hubby's hand & that was it. She's been a blessing ever since.

Since she grieved terribly at Lazarus Blue's passing (he was so tolerant...and taught her a lot), I found another shelter puppy and we named him Jazz Man Blues because he looks like he has a tuxedo on. He's like a little old wise man who knows much more than we can ever, and he 'herds' us around...a nurturer, he is. He's now a year and a half and as gentle as can be.

But I still wanted a rottie mix, so we got a shelter pup that they found on the street in a litter of 5 and had at the new Meriwether Shelter. I actually was going to get one from another litter, but hubby saw this one, so off we went. We named him Miles Davis Blues (Blues was Laz's name, so it is now the dog surname :-) because this was a little guy with a big attitude. Scrappy is putting it mildly. He's a rot/coon hound mix and at first, would go to bite you at the slightest provocation. It takes real gentle handling to keep this guy (who at 8 months is now bigger than the other two) in tow. And trying to take something from him brings the reaction on even more. I've never had this challenge, so any help is appreciated. I've finally gotten him to the point where he'll bring me his big rubber squeaky ball - sometimes, so there's improvement, but he'll go to snap - even though he doesn't really bite now (although I'm careful.)

Guess that's it. Thanks for this neighborhood of animal lovers and I send you Blessings. Sometimes my dogs are spiritual advisors, I think.

Comment by LadyandCodysSeniorDisabledSanctuary on June 29, 2008 at 5:55pm
I rescue and and take in senior, senior disabled and other disabled dogs (when I have a spot open) small breed dogs, we have 2 senior dachshunds, 2 pekingese, 1 pom mix, 1 dachshund, basset, & blood hound mix, 1 deer hound mix, 1 Blind & Deaf Cocker Spaniel mix, 1 senior Chi...Our 2 larger furkids, the dachshund basset mix Abby and the deer hound mix Charley have been with us before I started saving senior dogs as has been our two dachshunds Lady and Cody, And all that any of them want and enjoy is being loved on and cared for...I share my bed with 5 or 6 of our furkids (good thing I'm not married...lol) and my daughter shares her bed with Abby and Taco the Chi..Some prefer to sleep in a crate in which the doors are always left open..

You can see our furkids in my photo album...

Nice to meet everyone..
Comment by Gina on June 28, 2008 at 3:16pm
I think any baby that has been rescued just wants to know that YOU are their final home. It took my Kelsey the last 2 years to finally settle in. She doesn't let me out of her site & I sure hate to be out of hers. She came from someone who didn't want her anymore cause they said she barked all the time and peed on the floor constantly. Interesting to me cause the only time she barks is when someone is coming to the door and if I'm not home, I leave piddle pads for her and she uses them every single time. She's the best little baby I've ever seen! I believe all she needed was love and attention and to know that she is truly wanted.
Comment by malin malmgren on June 21, 2008 at 12:00am
iam malin from sweden who love dogs and animals!
join my ning group - http://dogsintheworld@ning.com
iam very happy if you and yours friends join me!

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