FAQ About How to Use This Site

If you don't find your answer to a technical problem below, the web developer for this site has a fabulous support center at http://help.ning.com.

You will likely find your answer there, and if you don't, you can open a support ticket with them.

Thank you for being here!

Can I search the site?
Yes! All the way at the top of the page on the right hand side is a search bar with the label Search Social Network. Simply type in what you are looking for (for example, "dog trainer" and it will show you every place on the site where that term appears. An excellent way to find others with similar interests.

I'm getting too many emails from this site. How do I stop them?
You can change your email settings anytime by using the "settings" link in the top right of any page. Click on "Settings" and then click on "Email." You will see many options for how to receive emails from IRememberLove.com. When you are finished changing your preferences, make sure you hit "Save" to save your changes.

If I click the button to stop being a friend with someone, will that person know about it?
The site will not notify them that they are no longer your friend. However, they may notice that you are no longer in their friends list.

Do I get emails from this site's owners if I join?
Very, very, very rarely, and only about a technical issue on the site. You are not joining an "email list" if you join this site. However, if you are coming from another email newsletter, such as James Jacobson's Do You Remember Love newsletter, you may find references to this site in those emails. But joining this site does not sign you up for an email newsletter automatically. If we start one, we'll let you know! If you become active on the site - post videos, photos, etc. - the site will email you to let you know what is happening. But you can always change how the site handles those emails (see above for how to change your email options).

I can't post/watch a video/photo. Why?
This can be for many reasons, all of which has to do with how your particular computer's browser is interacting with the site. Please consult the help center at http://help.ning.com to find out what might be happening in your particular case.

How do I change my page's look?
Click on "Settings" in the top right and then click on "Theme". After you make your design choices make sure you click "save" or "submit" to save them, otherwise your page will not change its look.

Another member is bugging me with SPAM, and I don't think they belong on this site. How do I get rid of her/him?
First, you can always block someone you do not want to hear from by going to their page and clicking the "Block" button in the lefthand column.

Very rarely, someone joins this community only to promote themselves or get you to buy something on another site. If you suspect someone of abusing their access to the community, please report them to us. Use the "Report an Issue" link at the bottom of every webpage.

We will check it out and take action to ban someone completely if necessary. When someone is banned, everything they posted on the site is deleted, including comments, posts to discussions, etc.

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