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Kanga loves her brand new halter

On Saturday we went to a local dog shop and bought two things Kanga needed and one she didn't:

1. A new collar of her very own. When she outgrew her puppy collar, we couldn't find a collar small enough for her that we liked (shopping is limited on Maui). She actually wore an old collar of Maui's for a few months, while Molly looked for a collar that she liked and was lightweight and thin enough for Kanga's little neck.

2. A harness. When Kanga turned into a teenager a… Continue

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A Very sweet video reminds us of the connection between Dogs and God

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dog messages are everywhere

Note: This post contains quite a few references to a natural bodily function. I hope you will forgive me for what my grandmother would call "bathroom talk." Our walk this morning took us to the beach - Kanga's favorite place. As we walked, she galloped, then paused, then sniffed, then went back and sniffed again, and then let loose just a tiny few drops of pee to "mark" spots she liked. She must have left fifty little deposits in our half hour walk. I call this reading… Continue

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Thank you to the dog trainers on IRememberLove

I have to thank

K9Krazy and other dog trainers/workers on this site who really helped me make a crucial decision last winter - I would be pulling my hair out this morning without your help. Kanga turned into a teenager two days ago (on her ten month birthday, August 11). She's feisty, independent, and testing boundaries. She's lost almost all of her training, which means that she won't do as I ask right away. She… Continue

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the power of a dog's stare

Kanga is a very sweet dog. Where Maui was the alpha no matter how many other dogs were around, Kanga is decidedly the omega dog ;-) She used to be afraid of absolutely everything, and for the first month hid under the bed a lot. She is much more outgoing now (lots of treats and praise for being with us cured her of the bed habit) and loves to meet new people and even new dogs. This small, shy dog can wrap me around her little finger, just like her "sister" Maui once did. But where Maui used to… Continue

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books in distress

A few days ago I mentioned my book How to Meditate with Your Dog is in a troubling situation.

My distributor says they don't want the books in their warehouse any longer. In fact, they want to "dump" them.

(In book publishing, that means send them to a landfill for a deep burial!)

This morning I meditated on how to move thousands of pounds of books to Hawaii, and the fact is, it's just too expensive, and they're not… Continue

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beach dog full of joy makes Molly's heart melt

I promised to post this video ages ago, and never did. Partly because I couldn't convince Molly to let me show her "without hair, makeup, or adult behavior."

:-) She gets pretty emotional in the video (in a good way) and even cries a little because she loves Kanga so much. It was taken very early in the morning, and we had just rolled out of bed, so we both look a little messy.

It was Kanga's third time walking on the beach, she was three months old, and she was having a… Continue

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One Year Anniversary of Maui's Passing

A year ago on July 25 my "heart dog" Maui passed away. It was a bittersweet anniversary for me.

Bitter because I still miss her everyday, and sweet because the pain has faded and I feel so much better in my life than I did a year ago.

Time really does heal wounds.

To honor Maui's anniversary, I watched the video Do You Remember Love?, and then I meditated with my nine month old puppy, Kanga.

Here's the video again, in case you haven't seen it… Continue

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