It is the weekend-- a great time to relax and connect

This is Easter weekend and lots of folks are getting together with family and friends. If you are going to be spending time with any dog-lovers, why not tell them about IRememberLove. Although our community launched a few weeks ago, we are growing and that is because of everyone here who is contributing pictures, videos, and comments. A few very brave souls are even starting their own blogs here.
It is so easy to do. I hope you will try it if you ever considered having a blog, now is the time. And it is so easy to do. So, this weekend, please tell another dog lover about and please post a comment or picture. (I love looking at all the new photos of your cute dogs.)
Happy Easter. Aloha, James

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Comment by Teresa Day on March 21, 2008 at 2:11am
Hello from Teresa

I wish you all Happy Easter celebrations. We are celebrating Easter Sunday at my mum's with a breakfast buffet and trip out later in the afternoon and going to Easter service at our Cathedral in the early evening. Some members of the family will be missing like my daughter who is travelling at the moment and also my brother who is not visiting us as he is on call. I hope to catch up with him next week. It'll be strange without my daughter here.

As for my cat she is loving and takes it all in her stride. I've been rustling up photos that I want to place on my computer again so I can put her photos up on your website. It will be in the next couple of days. (we lost our photos when this laptop was faulty and had to be repaired) Blogs - I am considering that. I will visit soon to update my profile.

I wish you, Molly, Maui, Crystal and all the team a Happy and Blessed Easter. Special wishes to your Maui from Flash (a lovable cat you know).

Warm wishes
Teresa x

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