Saturday has to be my absolute favorite day of the week. Usually there isn't too much that I plan on the week-ends, but this one was a little different.

My borther-in-law and husband love to go to different sales. They are horse sales, but usually have tack and other animals there as well. So, my brother-in-law decides that he will have his own sale today. Understand that this has been in the works for about two months. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, because I have never been to any of the sales. Today I had to go though, because I was helping my sister in the concession stand. I was a little nervous, but what a surprise.....I had a really good time!

I enjoyed talking to all the people and there were lots of different animals there. Chickens, rabbits, lambs, horses, and all kinds of dogs. Little lap dogs, squirrel dogs, rabbits dogs, coon hounds, blood hounds, and mixed breeds. There were booths set up with antiques, yard sale items, knife trading, crafts, lawn mowers, tools, etc. There was definitely something for everyone!

My husband brought Zoe along and she enjoyed walking around investigating everything. Those little short legs were worn out though. She will sure sleep good tonight! When we got home the cats wanted to play, but Zoe wasn't interested in anything but a nice nap.

Looks like the sale was a success and will probably become a monthly event during the warmer months. Today was a little chilly, but there was still a good crowd. Can't wait to see what happens once it warms up. But we do need to remember to bring a doggy bed for the Princess when she needs to rest from all her exploring!

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