Food prices are increasing, and our climate is rapidly changing. I’m not a preacher of global warming but I hope we ever change and let compassion warm our hearts. The amount of dogs taken to the shelters each year is increasing by the millions. The excuse is not having plenty of food to feed them or lack of resources... There are very little chances for these dogs to be adopted and euthanasia is applied. Our world is changing. Dog shelters have always been there but now they are increasing. I’m not talking by experience since I haven’t lived for so long to see the difference. However, statistics speak for me with a laud voice pleading to every soul on this glove to do something about it. I hope we become the “doers” and accept the challenge to stop one less painful thing from happening to these poor dogs. Is it enough keeping your dog healthy and caring for your kids? That extra slide of bread shouldn’t go to waist. Use it before it spoils. Bread crumbs are a banquet for a homeless dog. We want better education and better cars, nice clothes, and snacks in our cookie jars. What about the less fortunate? Do we ever think about them? And share what we don’t wear…I have shared many times yet Is it enough? Is it all we can do? We can always do more and find ways to be a light in someone’s gloomiest darkness.

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