GOD worked his message through my 3 goldens on the other side

My Aunt Lil & Uncle Bob (He passed first and 1 month later she passed)

This story gave several people chills when I told them about this dream I had.It came together for me last night at the hospital while I was seeing my Aunt before she passed away.

(Back up to the early morning of the 31st,Thursday).

I woke up from this dream, kind of confused & sad. I usually write my dreams down because I have very vivid and real dreams.

In this dream I see my 3 golden angels, Brandi, Mandi & Ginger. All 3 of them are waving their paws up high in the air across the bridge on the other side.  I am waving back and yelling for them to wait for me. I am so frantic that they will fade away before I can reach them, and I won't get to them in time.

But then Brandi stops and turns around and looks at me and I hear clear as day:

"You will find your peace today".

So, during the day I thought about my dream a few times until I had to leave for my Zumba class. After I got home from Zumba around 8 p.m, I get this text from my cousin Kathleen about my Aunt having her last rites read, and I should come there to hospital in Murrieta ASAP...

My cousin Kathleen said that I should see Auntie Lil because it will help bring me peace in my heart over certain things in my past..


Wait a minute- there's the word Peace. ...Then....  Ding Dong!.  It hit me smack center on my forehead. Dreaming about my 3 goldens and Brandi saying that I'll find peace today, well ....maybe this is what Brandi meant in my dream and it might just involve my Auntie LilL.

So when I got to the hospital I meet my cousin & her friend in the lobby first before going to ICU . We were standing there talking and I told my cousin & her friend about my dream with my dogs.

Kathleen's friend is looking at me like "Yep your cousin, she's crazy!!".

 I said to Kathleen that maybe I should tell Aunt Lil about my dream. Kathleen said to me "Forget it Elaine. She is so drugged up & can't talk. you won't hear a  word out of her mouth".

Okay I thought...... No worries. Again I dismissed my dream and I was reunited in the waiting room with my other cousins I haven't seen in years and it felt good again to see them & to be in a family circle that cares for me. We are all in the ICU waiting room waiting for my Aunt to finish a blood transfusion when Susanne my other cousin & her daughter Jenny came walking back from seeing my Auntie. Everyone is asking them questions about her and then I asked Susanne if Auntie Lil was Alert & still awake.

She nodded yes and I think that both my cousins said at the same time, "she keeps mumbling about some dogs".

"OMG!" I said out loudly.

 When I heard that word "DOG", I jumped out of my chair like it was on fire and Kathleen's friend sitting next to me says, "OMG!!  I just got chills all over me right now". I started pacing back & forth and I just kept saying

 "OMG & then said "I can't believe my girls are waiting for Auntie LiL and the peace you were talking about Kathleen, is the peace I will feel after seeing Auntie LiL & telling her good-bye, .it's got to be".

So when I went in to see my Aunt, Susanne Kathleen came with me & Susanne mentioned to my Aunt about the dogs and what did she mean when she was saying dogs earlier.? Auntie Lil was in so much pain she could barely talk and I was close to her face and Auntie Lil says,

"Dog, dogs, wavvvvvvvvvving....".then I couldn't understand her anymore.

There is no doubt in my mind that my goldens were there tonight on the other side as Auntie LiL crossed over and I am so sure my golden angel girls are right by my Aunt & Uncle as I type this. So when we returned to the waiting room, I told everyone else in the room about what us 3 girls were freaking out about earlier, and they too were just as stunned as us.

 I totally believe God speaks to us in so many different ways and in many different forms, when alot of us will think nothing of a weird situation or a dream, But me, it was a sign from God & from my goldens..

This is one dream and one night I will never forget.  Like I will never forget about my angel girls or my Aunt & Uncle..

You all are missed so much.!

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