Hi all! Just wanted to add, go all out and try the costume on your pet! If he/she does not want any part of it you will know soon enough. My Shih Tzus, Izzy and Buster, hate even bandanas. Thus nix the costumes for a while. But I want to share with you the greatest memories of my beloved Maltese, Jeepers, were with costumes. Jeepers LOVED to dress and never went a day w/o at least a seasonal bandana. We won pet shows for best costumes, and loved dressing up for Halloween to sit on the porch and greet the kids. Such wonderful, fun memories Jeepers gave me. (I think he wore the costumes just for me cause he saw me light up each time I put a different one on him. But, he had no complaints about wearing all of his little t-shirts, sweaters, collared shirt, Haiwaiin shirt, on any occassion. Don't our dogs just fill our lives with joy and great memories? (We might still try a costume on Buster Brown....since he's only 5 months old, we might get away with it?? HAPPY HOWL-O-WEEN!

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