There are over 800 dog breeds in the world. Amazing! The five most popular breeds are Labrador, Golden, Beagle, Yorkshire Terrier, and German Shepherd. It doesn’t necessarily mean that popular breeds are healthy. Some people want dogs for their appearance and others prefer a dog with a good health record. Although most breeds have had health complications, in poorer countries, due to lack of resources & medical attention dogs suffer more. However, it’s said that German shepherds of East German descent have less health complications than those of American descent due to the poor environment in which they were raised. Their ancestors were born into impoverished communities that were not using the dogs for show and therefore didn’t compromise their health. Many dog shows make breeders sacrifice health to achieve aesthetic or behavioral traits. Usually, the healthiest breeds are from breeders that bred their dogs well. Find reviews or ask your friends about good breeders out there. The best way to ensure you have a healthy dog is by getting a mixed breed. You can also find out about the genetic illnesses common to the breed you are interested in. Good luck!

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