Tink took her second trip to the beach this morning, and it was so
fun (and funny) that I had to tell you about it.

Before we got her, Tink hadn't been to the beach yet, at all, even though she only lived a few blocks away.

Kanga, of course, thinks the beach is where she should be all the
time. She would stay all day long if she could.

The first time we all went, Tink included, Tink mostly ran around
our ankles. She couldn't seem to figure out how sand works. The sand
on our beach is very soft under the feet. There are almost no shells
or rocks at all, and it's very white and powdery.

Tink lifted her feet up high as she ran, like she wasn't sure she
could trust the sand to not pull her under.

At first, Kanga hung around and watched her. After a few minutes, though, she shook her head and sneezed and ran off to sniff around and run, run, run.

Molly said Kanga said "WhatEVER!"

Well, this morning, on her SECOND trip, Tink behaved very differently.

She ran. She skidded to a stop with a great wave of sand shooting
in front of her (Kanga's favorite trick). She greeted others on the
beach with a sit and a smile and a lot of licks to the hands.

She also did a couple of things we need to watch her for.

For one, she drank seawater. Yuck. Not only is it way to salty, it could also have parasites or impurities in it. Kanga's done that couple of times, and thrown up afterward. We always give a lot of water before we get to the beach so they're not thirsty - and more once we're there - but this morning the little lapping waves that come up in sheets over the sand must have looked irresistible to Tink.

We made our "stop that" noise, which is a kind of eh eh eh eh eh

She moved away from the water, but she looked like she was
still interested. I'm going to keep an eye on this scamp.

I think she also ate a crab.

I'm not sure... but I saw her poke her nose in a crab hole,
and a minute later she was chewing something. Sigh.

She's a busy, busy dog. Polar opposite of Kanga.

I think the next trip to the beach will be preceded by a longer walk.

She needs to get a little more tired out.

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Comment by Kasi on April 30, 2010 at 12:37am
That happened to my dog Rosco once. We turned away for one second and he had taken one lap of ocean water and was completely disgusted...I actually don't think he ingested any, but he never tried that again!

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