I borrowed this from a friend's facebook page.  I think it's beautiful...Don't know who the author is.

Jake’s Song

I was not unaware of the ties that bound
Me to this body and to her soul 
The body no longer useful 
To one so brave, so big, so bold
One loved by her
With a strength untold

Now no pain, not scared
She set me free
Thru tears untold
To blinded to see
That I could run, zoom, leap, then nap
Behold I’m free, I’m grateful for that

But wait 
There’s more story left untold
I wait, I’m patient, I listen, on hold
For that laugh, that smell, that step, that smile
They are only for me
But I’ll have to wait for a while

She will come, I’m sure
She would never let me down
She is faithful this one
Her love for me profound

The journey for us 
As you can surely see
Goes on forever for all eternity
Together at last we will be
As always and forever
her and me.

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