Happy for you James and Molly and your new pup. I was sad to here what you stated, that 100% of the trainers you spoke with said litter mates don't work. I would be looking for new trainers. We have two Aussie, litter mates, male and female, who turned 1 yr old on Jan 7th. They have been great, no problems giving us as much love as we can handle. They have there play time together in our Wyoming snow but there focus of attention is not on themselves, it is on us. If the car is running they are riding. At Christmas we drove non stop 1,000 miles to be with our Grandchildren in Arizona and they were great travelers. We did the 1,000 miles, 18 hour non stop returning home, no problems. So to sum this up, sorry they told you two litter mates won't work. Time to get new trainers!!!!!!!!! Best to your family - Ed

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