Please Help Maria Daines get her new CD called Shelter Me pressed

From Maria's myspace blog :

Dear all,

As you may know, Paul and I have been trying to think of ways that we could fund the release of our next cd for animal welfare and rescue. It seemed an impossible task right now because of our financial restrictions. Our friend Paul. D. Richmond, aka Zest, wrote to us to offer immediate practical support and here is what he will do.

For the next month, until January 31st 2009, Paul Richmond and the team at Keep The Green Alive, will offer $ 1.00 Canadian dollar for each unique comment that we receive on this video. The video was created for us by Paul Richmond in order to share our music and compassionate message. The funds you help to secure by commenting on this video will pay for pressing our next cd which is part of the Music United For Animals project. The MUFA project gives cds free of charge to not-for-profit animal rescue shelters. The new cd release will be called 'Shelter Me' and it is a collection of songs especially written for dogs (don't worry cats, we will be writing a song for you soon!) So, if you could send the link to this video far and wide it will help us to release 500 cds into the animal rescue world and enable shelter staff to raise funds for needy animals through direct sales to their own supporters. The project is world wide and cds are sent to as many shelters as we can manage to post to. Any sales of the cd online are used for shipping costs and any money left over is used for donating to animals in need.

Today many unlucky animals are finding themselves living in a shelter for the first time in their lives due to the difficult economic situation globally. Of course these unwanted animals each have their own story. Some are born needlessly due to over breeding. Some have physical conditions that require expensive veterinary treatment that their owners cannot afford to provide and some are simply strays, some have known loving families that cared about them but can no longer keep them for various reasons, and some have never had a chance to be a friend to anyone because there are simply too many animals needing rescue and rescue does not come cheap. Each animal in a shelter deserves the chance of life.

In commenting on this video you are helping us to send cds to places where finances are directly linked to saving lives. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and for taking a few moments to write your thoughts regarding this song and video.
To view and comment please visit this link -

Peace Wins The Election was inspired by the Greg Allen interview with Paul. D. Richmond, which was a long and thorough discussion recorded for posterity in several segments and concerns changes in global temperatures and the need for humanity to begin the process of considering sustainable energy and renewable natural resources in order to protect the planet for future generations.

Here are links (below) to the information pages for this project. Since Paul Richmond, Greg Allen and the Keep The Green Alive team began sharing their knowledge, compassion and interest in the earth's needs, at least a million people have had access to this important message which explores and considers the way in which human beings impact on our environment. We are supporters of this peaceful and vital sharing of ideas and we believe that the planet, people and animals are connected via our immediate local communities and through collective global goodwill. Compassion for all species and for the natural world is never more important than in the coming new year.

Thank you sincerely for the time you have spent reading this message and viewing the Peace Wins The Election video. We will be keeping you up to date regularly with how the project is going and we hope to release 'Shelter Me' in the New Year 2009. We will continue to support unwanted animals and the staff who care for them and we hope you will join us and together we can make a difference. A simple comment here will be a stepping stone to making something good happen.

We appreciate your friendship and support and wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year.

Best wishes
Maria & Paul xx

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