VISIONS OF DOG POOP DANCE IN MY HEAD (Highlights of a doggie Mom's day)

I can write this here, because those of you reading this will understand. A brief recent look into our household for those of you who do not live here. We have 3 dogs, Maeson, Grisa and Nikita (aka Niki). All 3 dogs LIVE in the house. They are FAMILY, our forever-toddler children. They romp and play outside when we are out with them. If we are in the house, chances are they are right here beside us. They use the bathroom outside in the morning, after we arrive home from work, after they have dinner, and before bedtime. We typically are on the porch when they have their potty breaks because if we come in, they want to come in and won't potty.3 different breeds: American cocker, Miniature Schnauzer and mixed breed Chow/Sheppard/Golden Retriever. Three types of dog poop...small, medium and large. (Thank God the cat uses a litter box!)

Grisa and Niki both had surgery this past Monday, November 30. Grisa is doing great! She had a "knot" on top of her head (growing a horn we thought, to better head-butt the cat!) Her knot was removed, as well as 14 teeth extracted...not related issues, just noticed that she had some loose teeth while they had her sedated so we gave permission to clean them again, after all it had been over a year since she had them anyway she ended up losing 14. Did you know head-butting the cat will knock your teeth loose? Me neither! Eating has been a little difficult, but she is getting better each day.

Niki is having a few little problems and here is where I rely on comic relief to ease the stresses of worrying about my fur-babies.

First off she has ALWAYS hated to have her feet (paws) messed with and she's nearly 12. 12 years this girl has told me "DON'T MESS WITH MY FEET, MOM”. 12 years I have respected her wishes. Well, her surgery was a toe amputation...her toes are on her feet. They told us to take her bandage off Tuesday. I'm thinking…oh that's not going to be easy. She's going to LOVE that...messing with her feet AGAIN. Well the vet tech noticed my expression and said "if you have problems getting it off, just bring her in and we'll help you" She gets a heavy duty muzzle just to get her nails trimmed. We live across town from our vet...a 30 minute drive in minimal traffic… longer during rush hour & holiday time of year. Oh..It IS December, in case you haven't noticed yet. No way can we get there after work before closing time.

So now here it is...the dreaded Tuesday afternoon. Time to remove that bandage! Imagine a dog’s hind foot and its shape. The bandage covers her entire left rear foot to just above the ankle joint. Typical bandage, gauze, then wrapped with a chartreuse green self-stick elastic bandage with “NO CHEW” imprinted in big black letters. Now, I’m not biased by any means, but my girl is smart…she can read this. She has not chewed the bandage!

I get the muzzle and leash, some scissors and hubby. "Do you want to hold or do you want to cut the bandage off", I say. "I'll cut the bandage off." he replies. "You HOLD, I'll cut" I insist, thinking he can hold her still better than I. So I begin cutting…I manage to get, oh, about 2-3 inches of the bandage cut at the top before Niki wins the battle. We give up, hubby promising to leave work early on Wednesday and take her to the vet to let them “help us.” Well, of course now that the bandage has been cut, the” NO CHEW” instructions are null & void as far as Niki is concerned. She goes to bed early (7-8 PM) with Dad each night and sleeps in to 5AM with Mom (Dad’s up at 3). She is a really beautiful dog and stays this way by getting plenty of beauty sleep! Around 11 PM, I’m in the living room on my laptop, the bedroom door opens, lights on (very unusual for hubby to turn on the lights if he awakens and cannot go back to sleep); hubby walks into the living room carrying what is left on the bandage! “She took it off herself” hubby says. “Looks like she ate about half of it” I replied. “Yep.” “Well, at least it’s off” I say. WOW bandage is off! Yoo-hoo! Next morning I get a good look at her foot for the first time. Looks pretty good. She licks at it some, but not least not when we’re around.

Fast forward to Thursday afternoon. Home from work. “Niki’s not looking too good, honey” hubby says. “She looks a little pekid. It’s probably pain” I replied. “Well, she’s gagging and trying to throw up” hubby says, “and she’s been drinking a lot of water.” Thinking out loud now, “she hasn’t eaten much since her surgery…maybe that’s why she’s nauseated. She has been drinking a lot” I said. “I hope the bandage isn’t stuck” worried hubby says. “Mmm, well her abdomen doesn’t feel tight or distended when I pet her. I suppose it could just be sitting in her stomach. Have you SEEN her poop since surgery?” I ask. “No” “Me neither. But she hasn’t eaten much…nothing to poop”. I search the yard for Niki poop. Shouldn’t be hard to spot, bright green most likely and the yard was just scooped Monday. None. “OK, from now until someone actually SEES her poop, one of us has to stay outside and watch her. Witness her pooping” I say. Hubby is in agreement. Friday, 6AM I come rushing into the house (hubby is going to work late today) yelling “woohoo! Woohoo! Poop! Niki pooped! I saw where she went! It’s still dark out so I’ll look at it when I get home.” We both breathe a sigh of relief that she’s not impacted.

Hubby’s home when I get home. “Did you look at Niki’s poop?” I ask. “She didn’t poop...only peed” he replies. I gently remind him that she had pooped this morning and I was “going to look at it”. Into the yard he follows. I find a small amount of poop in the area I had witnessed the great event and point it out to hubby. “Looks like Maeson’s poop.” “No this is where she went” I said. “Not much poop, but at least something is getting through. Belly still feels fine. We’ll keep a close eye on her and monitor her over the weekend for signs of improved appetite and pooping.

Phew! What a week!

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Comment by Lynn Pennington on December 7, 2009 at 3:57pm
Update. Saturday I bribed Niki with a can of gourmet chicken & rice in gravy. She ate it all with some of her regular kibble mixed in. Sunday she vomited a wad of gauze and had a really good BM...Finally! She's feeling much better now and eating as usual! Praise God!
Comment by Sabrina Marie Riddleberger on December 4, 2009 at 3:58pm
I love this. Because it reminds me of the time the vet needed a sample for Cooper and he just wouldn't go. I tried to tell him that he didn't want them to get it, but he was stubborn. And for a dog, he cracks me up because he will not poop if anyone is watching. And he looks to see. My other dog, Cody, he just doesn't care. :)

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